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Thief trader shop was cleared in Mirpur Chowk Martyrs Staying on the mattress of Mirpur (Simon Zeeshan Chaudhry Kashmirtez), the thugs of resourceful success began to show thieves confined to the Mirpur police stations. According to details, escaped shop owner Raheel, one lakh damaged IG police seeking notice of civilian insecurity, thieves of thieves in mini London cut the locks of shop Qazi & Sons, located in the premises of Thothal. Unidentified thieves cleaned up shop and piped gas stoves and other valuables from the store Unidentified thieves also stole new locks in the shop so that no one knew of the incident. The shop owner, who is known as Qazi Raheel, reported the incident to the police station at Thahathal police station. In the coming days, theft and other crime spree raised questions on police performance and patrols, including business leaders in public and urban circles demanding that IG police take notice of the deteriorating situation in Azad Kashmir mini-London.

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Shopkeeper attacks businessman in Mirpur Mirpur (Simon Zeeshan Chaudhry Kashmirtez) Nathia Town becomes battlefield More than a dozen miscreants attacked shopkeeper, businessman Asif escaped injured attacker and accused escaped on the spot. Police crack down on shoplifting attackers and police arrested the suspects in the area. The police community started searching for the accused. The business community expressed concern in the area of ​​fear. According to details, Zulfiqar Shah, Ali Wald Zulfiqar in Nathalia Town. About 15 suspects, including Nadeem alias Dima, Faizan, Ali, entered Asif's shop He also tortured the bottles, smashed the glasses of the shop and looted the shop. The fighting spread panic in the area. Police started raiding to arrest the attackers and the accused, registering a flag under 448 against 15 accused, but no arrests could be made.

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Mirpur political leaders are careful Mirpur (Simon Zeeshan Chaudhry Kashmirtez) Political Leader Be careful: Thieves in Mani London have filed a report calling for the supporters of the bereaved workers to dream of helping Mirpur police. You go home to meet the political leaders on Farooq Haider style of Maher. The bullets demanded the deployment of activist police officers to take notice from the traders and civilian insecure IG police and to prevent the escalation of theft, according to details. Thieves target political leaders and workers. Zero meter motorized by Peoples Party Mohammad Ajmalullah Jarral Ajmalullah Jarral, who was killed on the other hand by taking a motorcycle theft from the old Chungi No 4 on Sunday, took the sweet pills of police on the other side shortly before Senior Leader and Prime Minister Azad Kashmir District Program Organizer. Around 6 lakhs were stolen from Chongi No. 4 at the house of Ms Naeem Al-Nisa while another N-League leader Chaudhry Emad Pasha's motorcycle was also stolen from the city limits of the police station, which is yet to be ascertained. Sweet pills were issued by civilians Expressing concern over the growing incidents of EM, calling it a failure of the police, the IG police demanded that practical measures and competent officers be deployed to protect the citizens of Mirpur. Fear is over.

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Ads issued in Education Department for SMS appointments Muzaffarabad (Newsweek) The implementation of the Government and the teachings of the elementary and the Ministry of Education and the Enforcement of merit of the NTS of the Islamic merit, the TTP, the imposition of the qualifying of the TTP, NTS. Plan to set up a schedule for the NTS appointments for recruitment on technical, dozens of sections of B-9, B-9, for a different districts independent of technical elementary and secondary education, and must pass the NTS test on these recruitment department education For appointments on these technical posts, the Scols was issued without a schedule for the English authorities, which is the opposite of the implementation of the NHS claims of government and the teachings of the Ministry. The Prime minister, the premier, asks for independent Kashmir, Minister of Education, Chief Secretary and Secretary of Education that the Department of Teaching is to adopt the NHS procedure for technical elementary and secondary postings from The Advertiser and the Merit to a program of appointments. With strict action against the makers, a new schedule of test interviews under the NHS is to be issued according to the details of the government and the Education Department to implement the NHS for recruitment, which all the circles were praised and well But the government and the Bureau of Christie hidden have some elements who are hindering the implementation of NTS for their nefarious purposes, which is a clear example of the planned plan to be made on the NHS without dozens of posts in technical elementary and secondary education Has been made, which requests from candidates to 25-08-2019 for execution and Complete field, which is exactly the opposite of the implementation of the Government and the NHS policy of the teachings and claims of merit of the study of the The new schedule to make appointments through the NHS by providing strict action and cancellation of the ad provided by technical elementary and secondary education, such as factors that are creating a program to make appointments contrary to the NHS. The new ad will be issued, the people who meet the merit and the nfazhaqic of the government's well-known merit and the NNS.

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